Why Store Your Wine With Us?

You’ve invested in your wine collection, so why not its storage? Let your wine mature under optimal conditions and avoid disappointment when you finally crack open that special bottle.

Storage Conditions for Wine

Reasons to Choose an On-Site Wine Storage Facility:

  • You’re relocating and need a temporary home for your wine collection while you’re without your own personal wine cellar.
  • You don’t have room or the desire for an at-home wine storage solution.
  • You want to keep some of your wine out-of-site and out-of-mind until you’re ready to drink it.
  • You’ve outgrown your personal wine cellar and need overflow storage.
  • You’re in the business of making/selling wine and require temporary or long-term storage for it.

Reasons to Choose North Shore Wine Lockers:

Experience: North Shore Wine Lockers is a business started by professionals in the wine storage solutions and wine brokering industries. We understand the importance of proper wine storage conditions and guarantee our facility will provide them, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Security: Our on-site wine storage area is protected by a state-of-the-art alarm system. This system requires passage through two sets of locking doors from each end and two separate security zones. Outside of our individual suite, the business park we’re located in provides an additional video monitoring/security system and locking gates.

Convenience: No need for 24 hour notice for pick-ups! Our regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm and we are happy to accept you during these hours – we just recommend that you call ahead to let us know you’re coming. Need to pick-up outside of business hours? Give us a call and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Want to send someone else to pick-up your wine? No problem. Your wine locker will be locked with your own lock, which only you will have the key to. If you’re comfortable sharing or copying the key, anyone can pick-up on your behalf. We are happy to recommend trustworthy wine delivery services as well.